BVC-19 Articles

The Emergence of New Giants: Bridging the Gap

Photo by: California Society of Anesthesiologists

Read an in-depth description from Dr. Debra Morrison a medical doctor from the University of California, Irvine, about how the Bridge Ventilator Consortium started as a project during Dr. Govind Rajan’s vacation, into an open-source project that currently involves over one-hundred scholars, doctors, technicians, and well-known companies(Virgin Orbit) world wide. 

Consumer Guide to UVC Devices

Photo by: California Society of Anesthesiologists

​How well can ultraviolet lights kill bacteria? Learn everything you need to know about UVC on Mohammed Uddin’s consumer guide. He discusses disinfecting exposed surfaces, reveals myths regarding UVC, and much more!


Saving Lives With a Low-Cost, Easy-to-Deploy Solution

Photo by: The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Innovation Center

​From the University of Texas at Austin, a team of faculty, researchers, as well as students have come together to produce the ‘Automated Breathing Bag Unit'(ABBU). Read more about their team and the ABBU in their article!

Developing a Usable Coronavirus Respirator Using a Full-Face Snorkel Mask​

​Did you know the traditional N95 mask is rated for limited use of 8 to 12 hours of continuous use? Read Deven Gupta’s article on how to build a simple, affordable, and safe ventilator mask with a snorkel mask, 3D jigs, and an airway breathing filter!

UVC Disinfection Box​

Photo by: Bridge Ventilator Consortium

Learn how to build your own germicidal UV disinfection box to help keep your home clean and safe!

UCI Team Initiates Effort to Build ‘bridge’ Ventilators

Photo by: UCI News

“The need for ventilators is a medical Dunkirk,” says UCI surgeon Brian Wong. “It’s a once-in-a-generation call to arms that we all must respond to. … We’re building ‘bridge’ devices [computer-aided design images above] that can be easily made to serve as stopgaps when medical-grade ventilators are not in full supply.” Tom Milner lab

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