UCI Beckman Laser Institute & Medical Clinic is a unique translational center, moving technologies rapidly from the researcher’s blackboard to the laboratory benchtop to the patient bedside.  The Institute houses 31 faculty and approximately 100 individuals from more than nine departments.  Experts from the UCI Schools of Medicine, Engineering, Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences convene in this interdisciplinary environment, crossing departmental barriers, to develop breakthrough technologies to transform human health.

Institute researchers are developing optics and photonics technologies with the potential to radically change the way health care; diagnosing disease in its earliest stages, non-invasively monitoring patient health and discovering new therapies for conditions that were previously considered untreatable.

Institute research teams unite with their diverse backgrounds and experience to create new concepts, ideas and computational models at the blackboard; cutting-edge optics and photonics technologies at the benchtop and life-changing diagnostic and therapeutic devices for patients at the bedside.  The research cores at UCI Beckman Laser Institute & Medical Clinic work hand-in-hand and complement one another to advance health care.