Multiscale Biophotonics Training Program

UCI Beckman Laser Institute & Medical Clinic hosts an annual 11-day summer National Institutes of Health (NIH) /National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)-sponsored Innovative Programs to Enhance Research training (IPERT) initiative in Multiscale Biophotonics: A Platform for Interdisciplinary Research Training and Career Development.

The curriculum for academic and industry partners consists of lectures by recognized experts, hands-on labs and demonstrations, career development workshops, problem-based learning and team science activities aimed at developing technical, operational and professional skills in Biophotonics.

Application areas include:

  • Biological Microscopy
  • Optical Dosimetry
  • Optical Property Determination
  • Wide-Field Spectroscopy and Imaging
  • Physiological Monitoring

Topics include:

  • Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
  • Radiative Transport
  • Monte Carlo Methods
  • Diffuse Optics

The short course is followed by a year-long capstone problem-based learning project and supported by technical and professional mentorship. The project is designed to solidify the mastery of the technical content and advance the career development goals of trainees.

For more information, please contact Program Directors Bernard Choi, Ph.D., at or Vasan Venugopalan, Sc.D., at