Why Choose Us

As one of the leading centers in biomedical laser surgery and photomedicine, UCI Beckman Laser Institute & Medical Clinic offers an array of treatment programs designed to improve your health, featuring clinics for facial plastic surgery and general dermatology, as well as the Vascular Birthmarks & Malformations Diagnostic and Treatment Center.

The thoroughly trained and credentialed physicians, researchers and nurses at UCI Beckman Laser Institute & Medical Clinic combine extensive experience and technical expertise.  Their innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment have led to some of the world’s most advanced laser procedures.

Institute specialists, led by medical director Dr. J. Stuart Nelson, are pioneers in using the healing power of laser medicine.  Dr. Nelson’s patented Dynamic Cooling technology, which was developed at the Institute, permits better, more comfortable and complete laser treatment of skin disorders, such as port-wine stains, hemangiomas and other vascular malformations.  The Dynamic Cooling technology is now the standard-of-care and has been incorporated in more than 25,000 laser systems worldwide.