Robert Brown, Ph.D., Elected as a 2024 Fellow of Industry Academy within the AIIA

Dr. Robert Brown, adjunct professor of Surgery, was elected as a 2024 Fellow of Industry Academy within the International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance (AIIA).  He joins a network of over 3,000 AIIA fellows who possess extensive expertise and a wealth of research achievements.

“It is always a considerable honor to be elected into any established and highly respected academic organization – and the honor does not diminish with number of times it happens,” stated Dr. Brown.

Dr. Brown is an elected member of the European Academy of the Sciences and Arts (Academia Europaea), and a Fellow of the American Physical Society, the UK Institute of Physics, the UK Institute of Electronic Engineers and the International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance.

“This is just ‘feeling,’ and I can’t quantify any of it,” stated Dr. Brown.  “They’re all special academic organizations, and I’m proud to have been elected into them all as a Fellow during the past 40 years.”

 About AIIA Fellows

 AIIA Fellows form a network of strong partnerships across the world to promote the development and innovative applications of artificial intelligence (AI).  Members offer cutting-edge technological insights and drive advancements in innovative research.

 About AIIA

 The AIIA was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2023 by individuals in industry, academia and research who are actively engaged in the field of artificial intelligence.  The mission of the AIIA is to promote the rapid development of the AI industry around the world, the innovation and application of AI technology in various industries, for the deep integration of AI in the economy and society, as well as advance the progress and development of human society.

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