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Martin Lavery, Ph.D.

Zoom Event CA

Environmental and Fiber Sensing with Structured Light Abstract Structured light is being widely used to revolutionize the technologies used in optical trapping, microscopy, astronomical metrology, optical communication, quantum information systems, and many others. One defines an optical wavefront that has been spatially shaped in its phase, polarisation or intensity as structured light. Prof. Lavery will […]

Daniel Razansky, Ph.D.

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Cardio-oncology; Advanced optoacoustic imaging methods for biomedical research and clinical diagnostics Abstract Optoacoustic imaging has achieved remarkable progress over the last decade, benefiting from coordinated developments in optical and ultrasound technology, probe chemistry, and imaging theory. The technique is increasingly attracting attention of the biomedical research community due to its excellent spatial and temporal resolution, […]

Mehmet Cilingiroglu, MD, FSCAI, FACC, FESC

Zoom Event CA

Cardio-oncology; Cardiovascular diseases in cancer patients Abstract With more advances in cancer therapy, more patients are alive as cancer survivors than a decade ago. However, cardiovascular disease is the number one reason for mortality in these cancer free patients. Beside the conventional risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, radiation and chemotherapy and cancer specific immunotherapy contributes […]