UCI Samueli School of Engineering 2022-23 Dean’s Report

The e+ Equation

In this issue of the UCI Samueli School of Engineering 2022-23 Dean’s Report, you will learn how collaboration inspires the school’s EngineeringPlus approach to its mission of education, research and partnerships. The inclusive concept involves looking beyond one’s own expertise to engineer innovative solutions for the grand challenges facing society. Please enjoy reading about UCI engineering researchers, students and alumni who use their expertise, imagination and creativity to enhance the human experience.

Faculty Accolades
Early Career – MAXIM SHCHERBAKOV, DARPA Young Faculty

Biomedical engineers MICHELLE KHINE and BERNARD CHOI have combined their technologies to create the Maternal Obstetrics Monitoring Sock, a low-cost, point-of-care system to monitor pregnant women for preeclampsia, anemia and hemorrhage. According to the NIH, pregnancy and childbirth complications are a major global health problem and result in the deaths of more than 800 women and 7,000 newborns each day. The smart sock works by integrating the soft beat-to-beat blood pressure sensor that Khine has been developing in her lab with the photonic anemia and hemorrhage sensor from Choi’s lab. The health data is wirelessly transmitted to a smartphone and can alert patients if necessary. The technology is not significantly affected by skin pigmentation or motion artifacts and can be manufactured for under $100.

About the Dean’s Report
The UCI Samueli School of Engineering Dean’s Report is an annual magazine that highlights exciting research, news and faculty accomplishments from the prior year. Issued in the fall, it also conveys a new theme each year to coincide with the school’s progress and the Dean’s priorities.

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