LAMMP/BME Seminar Series

Thursday 19th of July 2018
12:00 PM
Beckman Laser Institute Library

Co-integrating biophotonics, wearable sensors, signal processing and artificial intelligence for assessing age-related biomarkers

Robert Amelard, PhD
University of Waterloo, Canada

Healthy aging is a tricky business. Many factors influence our quality of life as we age, some of which can be largely controlled (e.g., exercise and diet). It is widely accepted that healthy aging crucially depends on sufficient mobility and nutrient intake. However, personalized treatment is largely hampered by the inability to quantitatively track relevant biomarkers. A co-integrative biomedical approach could enable enhanced personalized monitoring, treatment and healthcare.

In this talk, I will present our research on assessing age-related dynamics in three priority areas: aerobic/cardiovascular health, gait dynamics, and nutrition quantification. Using a combination of computational biophotonics, wearable sensors, signal processing and artificial intelligence, we are able to elucidate subtle indicators related to cardiovascular function, mobility, and nutrition. Specifically, I will present our work on: (1) estimating VO2 dynamics during activities of daily living using wearable sensors and machine learning; (2) analyzing gait variability and cerebral blood flow effects during postural transition; and (3) estimating nutrient density in pureed foods using biophotonic imaging and machine learning.