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Title:Development of a Quantitative Tissue Optical Index of Breast Density For Prediction of Hormone Therapy Response
PI:Bruce Tromberg
ClinicalTrials.gov Registry


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the ability of an experimental imaging technique using light to measure changes in breast tissue density due to treatment by the drug tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is commonly prescribed as a preventative treatment for premenopausal women who have had or who are at an increased risk for breast cancer.


Pre- or peri-menopausal females older than 21 years of age who are not pregnant or nursing and do not plan to get pregnant during the 18-month duration of the study. Subjects must also not have received or plan to receive chemotherapy, or any other hormone therapy drug.

Time Commitment

One 1-hour registration visit and four 2-3 hour visits over 18 months


Total compensation for participation in the entire study is $200. This will include $50 per imaging visit with a maximum of 4 visits. If you decide to withdraw from the study or are withdrawn by the research team, you will receive compensation for the visits and/or procedures that you have completed.


For more information on participating in this trial, please contact Montana Compton at (949) 824 - 9265 or via email at mocomton@uci.edu

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Human Subjects


Ata Sharif