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Clinical Studies

BLI technologies are currently being used in several clinical studies. A list of these studies can be found [here]. These studies are performed by physicians who are also UCI faculty members. Clinical studies are necessary because they provide a means to:

  • Develop new diagnostics and treatments that can be safer or more effective than those currently available
  • Enable scientists to discover new uses for technologies already being used
  • Make it possible to develop new diagnostics and treatments when no others are currently available

Participation in a clinical study is completely voluntary. Before joining a study, a volunteer will receive an informed consent form, which provides detailed information about the treatment as well as the required visits to the physician and any procedures that may be done during the visits. These study visits are pre-scheduled according to the study protocol, or a written set of rules that guide the conduct of the study.

Study participants have the right to withdraw their consent at any time during the study. During the course of a clinical study, a patient is provided with any new information that may affect his/her decision to continue participation in the study.

Study protocols, informed consent forms, and the progress of clinical studies are reviewed, approved and monitored by the UCI Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the physicians conducting the clinical study. The primary goals of the IRB are to protect the public, to determine whether the possible benefits of participating in the study outweigh the risks and to ensure that patients are not pressured into participating in clinical studies.

For more information, please contact Ata Sharif at 949.824.9265 or via email at sharifs@uci.edu.

To understand more about participating in clinical studies, [click here]