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Robert Brown

Adjunct Professor, Beckman Laser Institute UC Irvine
Visiting Professor, Department of Computer Science UC Irvine

B.Sc., Physics University of London, UK 1973
Ph.D., Engineering University of Surrey, UK 1983

Phone:  949.824.4713

Research Interests

3D-endoscopy, single photon counting and photon correlation, dynamic light scattering, nano-plasmonics and nano-photonics, laser diodes, correlation techniques, avalanche photodiodes for single photodetections, single mode optical fiber sensors.

Research Abstract

I have been involved in photonics and optics research and development for 40 years. A major emphasis of my labs and research teams has been pioneering single-photon counting and photon-correlation techniques, dynamic light scattering, semiconductor laser-diodes, photon-counting avalanche photo-diodes, single-mode fiber-optics, laser velocimetry – and in recent years also nano-photonic structures and properties. At BLI, I focus on Diffuse Optical Scattering Technology for cancer detection: light-scattering, laser-diodes and LEDs, optical-fibers, fast electronics, signal and data processing. Terahertz biomedical science technology - and nano-plasmonic/polaritonic nanoscale tech/apps are also areas of my interest. I also assist in BLI-Development activities - how to finance the future development and growth of BLI.


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