January 20, 2017 Light-speed camera snaps light's "sonic boom" for the first time
January 18, 2017 Modulated Imaging Receives FDA Clearance
September 1, 2016 Cove Faculty Spotlight: Bruce Tromberg
August 16, 2016 Needles not needed
February 20, 2016 Professor Choi elected SPIE Fellow
February 18, 2016 MI selected to proceed to next stage by Cove Fund I
December 16, 2015 Biomedical Startup Wins Funding in UC-Wide Competition
November 14, 2015 Biophotonics and the Future of Personal Health Care (Video)
November 5, 2015 Handy device to help early detection of oral cancer
November 2, 2015 BLI Alum wins major European Award
August 31, 2015 Better Than Biopsies
May 26, 2015 Robert Brown Joins AIP as CEO
April 26, 2015 UCI Multimodality Intravascular Imaging Team Wins ICTS Science Award
April 7, 2015 BLI Research Awarded 4-Year Grant by NIH
April 7, 2015 BLI Medical Student Receives Summer Fellowship from HHMI
April 1, 2015 BLI Graduate Student Receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
March 25, 2015 BLI Director Receives Award from the OSA
June 25, 2014 BLI Co-Founder Wins Writing Award
April 4, 2014 BLI researchers get a helping hand at doing business
January 22, 2014 San Diego Zoo Gets a Close-up View of Sperm Cells
December 1, 2013 DOSI in Africa - African Spectral Imaging Network
November 1, 2013 BLI Adjunct Professor Appointed to Board of Directors of AIP
September 20, 2013 ICTS 2013 Clinical Translational Scientist of the Year Award
August 7, 2013 Professor Bruce Tromberg explains in 100 seconds: How do we see beneath the surface of tissue with light?
June 26, 2013 Elliot Botvinick Receives Grant from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
May 16, 2013 BLI Student Win Business Competition
April 11, 2013 BLI Professors Named as Honorees for Excellence In Undergraduate Education
February 28, 2013 ESC awards BLI Professor Bernard Choi as BME Faculty of the Year
January 9, 2013 BLI Research Featured in Alaska Airlines Magazine
October 23, 2012 IGERT Grant Creates New Ph.D. Program in Biophotonics
October 10, 2012 A laser focus on cell research
October 1, 2012 Image-guided PWS surgery featured in CalIT2 interface magazine
September 25, 2012 The Age of the Tricorder
September 25, 2012 Innovative Technology for Early Detection of Oral Cancer
September 7, 2012 BLI Device Quantifies Change in Port Wine Stains
September 4, 2012 BLI Lab Featured in Popular Science Blog
September 1, 2012 Funding by University of California Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
August 22, 2012 BLI Researcher Thomas O'Sullivan Awarded Breast Cancer Research Program Postdoctoral Fellowship
August 20, 2012 SPIE honors Michael Berns
June 1, 2012 Optical tweezers help researchers uncover key mechanics in cellular communication
June 1, 2012 Skin Disease Oriented Team Announced
May 23, 2012 BLI Ph.D. Student Austin Moy Awarded UCI Graduate Dean's Dissertation Fellowship
March 28, 2012 BLI Research Featured in Biophotonics
February 20, 2012 David Cuccia Selected For Award
February 1, 2012 Emerging Applications for Optical Coherence Tomography in the Head, Neck, and Upper Airway
January 25, 2012 Traffic Lights for Chemotherapy
January 5, 2012 Lights and Lasers Invade the Clinic
January 5, 2012 Article about BLI on CENonline is picked up by several blogs including engadget
January 5, 2012 LIGHT MATTERS of Photonics Media visits BLI
January 5, 2012 Inside the BLI on CENonline
December 7, 2011 Photo Chosen for Cover of Nature Photonics
November 29, 2011 SPIE Video: Applying photonics to develop new medical treatments
August 1, 2011 LAMMP lights the way from bench to bedside
August 1, 2011 Dr. Elliot Botvinick Receives a 2011 ICTS Pilot Grant
July 18, 2011 Port-wine stain masters
July 1, 2011 BLI Students Win 2011 CCBS Retreat Research Opportunity Awards
May 10, 2011 Beyond Mammograms: Research Aims to Improve Breast Cancer Screening
May 5, 2011 BLI Co-Founder Receives Outstanding Teaching Award
April 10, 2011 Dr. Brian Wong Receives Mentoring Award
March 8, 2011 Program erases ex-cons' tattoos
March 4, 2011 ACRIN Trial Activates
December 1, 2010 Laser Breast Scanner Highlighted in the NCRR Reporter: Fall 2010
November 3, 2010 PhD Student Bruce Yang Appointed as ICTS TL-1 Scholar
October 18, 2010 Treating Cancer With Light
October 1, 2010 Congratulations to Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows
July 1, 2010 NIH Grant Awarded to Kristen Kelly
March 19, 2010 BLI Professor Bernard Choi Honored By ESC
February 23, 2010 BLI Medical Student Ed Wu Awarded ASLMS Research Grant
January 28, 2010 Professor Choi Awarded Triumvirate Grant
January 12, 2010 BLI physicians are recognized by the Orange County Medical Association
January 1, 2010 On the Cover
January 1, 2010 Editor's Choice
November 1, 2009 Erin Miller Receives 2009 VBF Service Award
October 9, 2009 NIH-SPIE Researchers: New Biophotonics Techniques Hold Promise But Need Translation
October 8, 2009 Professor Brian Wong Awarded New Grant
October 2, 2009 Race for the Cure 2009
October 1, 2009 Professor Bernard Choi Featured in Nature Medicine
July 5, 2009 Dr. Bruce Tromberg Receives 2009 SPIE Directors' Award
July 1, 2009 BLI Dental Director Petra Wilder-Smith answers questions regarding oral cancer
June 30, 2009 OCT Medical Imaging Gets $730k SBIR Grant
May 7, 2009 BLI Graduate Student Austin Moy Awarded SPIE Scholarship Download Michael Jackson
April 1, 2009 Professor Eric Potma Wins CAREER Award
March 21, 2009 Photonics for dermatology applications: a video interview with Anthony Durkin
March 1, 2009 Bernard Choi, Ph.D. is honored as an Engineering Student Council 'Professor of the Year'
March 1, 2009 Modulated Imaging Gets $700k SBIR Grant
February 26, 2009 First Annual Allan R. Oseroff Photomedicine Lecture
February 11, 2009 Dr. Brian Wong is Featured on Health News Today
February 1, 2009 BLI Undergraduate Named UROP Researcher of the Month
December 1, 2008 BLI Trio's Work on Optical Tweezers Selected for Optics & Photonics News - Optics in 2008
November 20, 2008 BLI Graduate Student Sophie Chung is Awarded Chancellor's Club Fellowship
November 17, 2008 Broken Nerves Can Be Fixed In A Flash
November 8, 2008 UC Irvine is Shaping the Future of Breast Cancer Diagnosis
October 2, 2008 Race for the Cure
September 9, 2008 Two Photons Monitor Neurons
September 8, 2008 Dr. Brian Wong Named Senior Examiner for the American Board of Otolaryngology
September 1, 2008 Fiber Lasers: Not Just for Materials Processing Anymore
July 1, 2008 Dr. Spanier's Math Books Are Adding Up
February 5, 2008 BLI Physicians Named Among County's Best
January 30, 2008 Laser Beam Hits Tiny Target
January 5, 2008 BLIMC's Andrea Giancarli Receives VBF's Service Award
January 3, 2008 BLI hosts Lions Clubs International
December 2, 2007 Dr. Brian Wong and Dr. John Butler are honored as "Best Doctors in America"
November 27, 2007 Registration Open for Gregorio Weber International Prize in Biological Fluorescence
November 12, 2007 BLI Faculty and Staff Honors
November 4, 2007 2007 Port Wine Stain and Vascular Birthmarks Conference a Huge Success
November 2, 2007 LAMMP and the Systems Biology Center Host Monte Carlo Workshop
November 1, 2007 BLI to Participate in Sleep Apnea Study
October 21, 2007 BLI Research Featured by OSA in Whats Hot in Optics
October 2, 2007 Laser Tweezers are Used to Investigate Sperm Cell Motility of Primates
October 1, 2007 Co-Founder Michael Berns Recalls Sputnik Launch in the OC Register
August 1, 2007 BLI Co-Founder Michael Berns' Work is Represented in New Book
June 20, 2007 BLI Researcher Awarded Prestigious ARCS Fellowship
May 30, 2007 Dr. Zhongping Chen Elected Fellow of the Optical Society of America
April 24, 2007 Director Bruce J. Tromberg Elected SPIE Fellow
April 14, 2007 Leon Goldman Memorial Award Presented to Dr. J. Stuart Nelson
December 21, 2006 Dr. Zhongping Chen featured in the Orange County Register
November 12, 2006 Happy Anniversary to BLI
August 21, 2006 Petra Wilder-Smith, D.D.S., to serve on Medical Advisory Board of the Cancer and Research and Prevention Foundation
June 1, 2006 BLI Researchers awarded Shared Instrumentation Grant
April 15, 2006 New Vascular Birthmarks Treatment Center at the BLIMC
March 2, 2006 Director Bruce J. Tromberg is elected a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering
February 22, 2006 BLI founder Michael Berns is honored with Lifetime Achievement Award
February 21, 2006 Prominent physicist Dr. Enrico Gratton joins BLI
February 7, 2006 BLI Researchers to participate in Mitochondrial Medicine study
November 7, 2005 The Vascular Birthmark Foundation honors Dr. J. Stuart Nelson as its 2005 "Physician of the Year"