Undergraduate Student Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Summer Program

This eight-week summer training program introduces high-achieving, underrepresented undergraduate students to the breadth of UCI graduate programs in the fields of biomedical engineering, biophotonics and related STEM disciplines.  The program helps prepare the leaders of tomorrow for careers in fields that are revolutionizing healthcare.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to be part of the [Undergraduate Student STEM] program. It has definitely prepared me and encouraged me to pursue a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. Last year, I was accepted into the UCI Electrical Engineering and Computer Science program. This was a dream come true for me. Thanks to the program, my mentors and other program faculty and staff, my dreams are now a reality.” —Breyah Matthews, undergraduate student STEM program participant ’17, UCI graduate student

Click here to visit the Pathways to Biophotonics and Biomedical Engineering website.

For more information, please contact Sari Mahon, associate director, at 949.824.3924 or mahonsb@uci.edu.