LAMMP/BME Seminar Series

Thursday 19th of April 2018
12:00 PM
Beckman Laser Institute Library

Clinical translation of diffuse optical imaging in breast cancer management and neuromonitoring

Stefan Carp, PhD
Assist. Prof. Radiology, Harvard Medical School Assist. Prof. BME Mass General Hospital

Diffuse optical spectroscopy and tomography are becoming mature technologies, with the focus gradually shifting towards clinical translation. Substantial efforts in the field have been devoted to advancing breast cancer imaging and neuromonitoring applications, given their potential impact on enhancing medical care. This talk will report some of the recent work at the Massachusetts General Hospital in developing dynamic diffuse optical tomography in conjunction with x-ray digital breast tomosynthesis for breast cancer diagnosis and neoadjuvant chemotherapy monitoring, and in advancing signal models and light transport modeling for brain health monitoring using combined near-infrared spectroscopy and diffuse correlation spectroscopy techniques. “