LAMMP/BME Seminar Series

Tuesday 24th of April 2012
12:00 PM
Beckman Laser Institute Library

Fourth Annual Allan Oseroff Lecture:Getting the best of Photodynamic Therapy: Are molecular targets the way to go?

Tayyaba Hasan PhD
Tayyaba Hasan, Ph.D. Professor Dermatology Wellman Center for Photomedicine Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA

Photodynamic therapy (PDT), a photochemistry based therapeutic approach, continues to receive regulatory approvals world wide for a number of applications. An emerging important attribute of this modality is that most PDT agents have inherent finite fluorescence so that they may simultaneously be used in diagnostics or surgical guidance, in addition to performing the therapeutic role they were designed for. Despite the apparent successes, PDT is not as widely used clinically as treatment outcomes might warrant. The reasons are complex but the approach may be made more powerful by exploiting PDT for more than its cytotoxic effect by focusing on appropriate cellular targets which impact molecular pathways that lead to rational synergistic combination treatments. To achieve this, development of targeting strategies and appropriate in vitro/in vivo models for rapid screening would help. Aspects of these challenges will be part of this presentation.