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Saturday September 22, 2018
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How do I receive my required safety training?

To insure your safety and the safety of those working around you, the university requires all personnel to complete safety training based on the type of work they will be performing at UCI. If you have already completed required safety training from previous work experience at UCI, please provide a copy of your transcript.

To learn which safety classes are required, please complete the self-assessment survey at the University of California Learning Center (UCLC) website It is important to remember that UCLC requires individuals to log-in using their UCInetID and password. If you are logging-in for the first time, you will need to complete the self-assessment survey. Based on your survey responses, UCLC will generate a list of required and suggested safety classes. Classes will be either online or a classroom format, but registration for either format is done through UCLC. Please remember that completing the survey does NOT automatically register you for the required classes.

Are the classes required by TED the only courses I need to complete?

No. In addition to courses assigned by the self-assessment survey, you will also need to manually select Privacy and Security Training - HIPAA - Campus course from the UCLC Course Catalog.. If you need assistance, you can view additional UCLC info HERE

How do I apply for a Guest UCInetID?

Please complete an application that is available at the front desk or by going to:

I'm new to UCI and the area, where can I learn more about UCI and the area?

UCI offers a webpage called e-NEO (New Employee Orientation) located at:

The site provides answers to many of the most common questions, including audio video tours and tutorials.


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