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Saturday September 22, 2018
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How do I place an order for equipment and/or supplies?

ALL purchase order over $2500, and any specialized or custom orders, are required to have a detailed, written quote from vendor along with written justification stating the reason for choosing this particular vendor. Copy of quote and the written justification must be signed and given to Christine before the purchase request is ordered.

ALL purchase orders under $2500, must be placed via FileMaker Pro database. There is a public computer in the staff lounge area that has a licensed copy of FileMaker Pro. Start the program and click the "Remote..." button. Then select Filemaker 7 Server listed under Hosts and then select "Purchase Orders" under Availabe Files.

Filemaker Tutorial

Following sections must be completed by the user:

  • Project (name of the grant to be charged)
  • Requestor (name of individual placing order)
  • Requestor's email address
  • Requestor's phone
  • Principal Investigator name
  • Account/Fund number to be used for order
  • Justification section** (blank box at bottom of the form)

**ALL purchases (this includes Filemaker orders, computer and bookstore purchase and petty cash reimbursements) require a justification. The justification must state what the items being ordered are and why they are needed for the project. Justifications need to be as specific as possible. We must be able to have enough information to justify every purchase should the grant agency ever request such an audit. For instance a computer can be used for many projects and purposes. Therefore, it is up to the P.I. and end user to explain, without any doubt, that the item in question is undeniably supporting the project it is being charged against. We are requred to have the justification before making any purchase, providing this information at the same time of the order entry will help expedite your order.


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