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Saturday September 22, 2018
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Useful Links
UCI Home Page
New Employee Orientation (NEO) web page is designed to help introduce you to the campus, its rich history, and its active, living creative culture.
BLI Home Page
Download a PDF that guides you through the TED safety training process
Network & Academic Computing Services (NACS) web page for activating your new UCInetID (UCInetID is your pre-assigned network ID that gives you access to email, EEE, the modem pool, library services, NACS computer labs, and many other electronic services on campus.)
BLI's web page for reporting computer, network, hardware, and software problems. You will need a UCInetID to log-in.
Health Science Information Systems (HSIS) web page for checking your email via web browser.
UCI Health Sciences Home Page. UCI Health Sciences includes the UC Irvine School of Medicine and the UC Irvine Medical Center and is dedicated to bringing the best in both education and quality health care to society.
Directory for looking up campus faculty, staff, and students.
NACS web page to register your computer's wireless card to access campus wireless network. (You will need to have cookies turned on in your browser to register your MAC address.)
UCI Parking Department web page
Website of the US Social Security Administration
UCI's International Center web page
Information regarding UC benefits and policies and procedures.
Information specifically pertaining to you, for example, what you are enrolled in, retirement planning, paystubs, your personal contact information, etc. UCFY can also e used to change your enrollment or contact information.
A useful link for Postdoc benefit information.


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