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Saturday September 22, 2018
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How do I get petty cash for an in-store purchase?

Reimbursements from petty cash are limited to items approved for purchase with University funds such as supplies for computers, labs and offices, film processing, postage, and teach materials for student programs. Receipts must be for less than $100 (including tax and shipping), per verndor, per day. You must submit the ORIGINAL receipt along with written justification.

Where do I find office supplies?

Office supplies (pens, pencils, paper clips, note pads, etc) are kept in a locked cabinet below the mailboxes. Please contact Linda Chandler or Midge Garrison for assistance.

How do I ship a package?

All packages are sent via FedEx and require grant name or account/fund number to cover shipping charges. Please see Junko Cora for assistance.

How do I make copies?

Copier is available in the back room of Admin area. Copy code is required to make copies. Please see Christine Fantone for assistance. If you need to make copies at the campus library, please see Junko Cora for a library copy card.

How do I reserve the library for a meeting?

Reserving a time for the BLI library to hold a meeting, seminar, etc can be arranged by contacting Junko Cora, Elaine Kato, Hanna Kim, Jan Fisher, or Midge Garrison.

How do I request building maintenance?

If you need assistance in correcting or reparing any building-related item (i.e. electrical, plumbing, carpenter, HVAC repair, etc), please call the UCI Trouble Desk at x4-5444.

How do I page someone using BLI's intercom?

Intercoms are located in almost all office and lab spaces in building. To page an individual:

1) Press the appropriate zone code (see next question for details)
2) State the name of individual being paged.
    A) For example: "John Smith, please call Nine Zero"
3) Press the 8 button.
    A) By pressing the 8 button, the individual will be able to go to any intercom,         press 90, and be connected to the intercom you paged from.
4) At the conclusion of your conversation, press X button to disconnect.

What are "Zone Codes"?

Zone Codes are intercom codes that limit pages to specific areas of building. For example:

300 - ALL INTERCOMS (please limit use to avoid unnecessary interruptions)
301 - Research Labs and Offices
302 - Clinic
303 - Admin
304 - EM
305 - BioChem
307 - Second Floor Offices


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