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Saturday September 22, 2018
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What is acceptable computer use at BLI?

You will be given BLI's Computer Use Statement to read and sign. The document will explain BLI's policy regarding the appropriate use of BLI and Campus Computing resources. All network and internet access on campus is provided and controlled by OIT. OIT monitors network activity 24/7 and will immediate block network access whenever suspicious activity is seen on network.

How do i activate my new UCI email?

You must receive a UCInetID before BLI computer support staff can activate your new email account. BLI HR will assist you with the necessary paper work. Once this is accomplished you will need to contact Richard Diaz (R308) for assistance. You will also be placed on our All-Staff distribution list at that time.

Can I bring my personel laptop or desktop computer to work?

Yes, but you MUST have it checked for network security issues before connecting it to campus network. Also, computer must have an administrator account created for BLI computer support staff to have full access.

How do I set-up my laptop for accessing UCI's wireless network?

BLI wireless network is fully integrated with OIT campus wireless infrastructure. Therefore, you must register you wireless card with OIT to gain access. BLI computer support staff can assist you with this task if you have any difficulties. The website for registering your wireless card is:

Does BLI have a File-Share access?

Yes we do, and it is named "". If you request access, you will be given a 1 GB folder on the server. BLI computer support staff will instruct you how to access. Please note that you are only to use this space for work related purposes. No copyrighted or questionable material may be stored there under any circumstances. There is only 1 folder per user.

Does BLI offer any publicly-shared printers?

Yes we do, we have 2 black & white laser printers and one color laser printer. When the BLI computer support staff sets up your computer, they will set-up the appropriate printers for you, too.

How do I report computer, printer, or network problems?

BLI has a Trouble Ticket reporting system, named ServiceDesk, in place for just this purpose. There is a link to ServiceDesk on the lower-right corner of out website: You will need your UCInetID and password to enter a trouble ticket. You are required to use this when requesting assistance.


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