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Professor Potma has image of a C. elegans worm featured on the cover of Biophotonics.

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DOSI technology featured in the OC Register

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ICTS 2013 Clinical Translational Scientist of the Year Award

Congratulations to Dr. Brian Wong for being awarded by the Institute for Clinical Translational Science (ICTS).

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Fifth Annual Oseroff Lecture

Rebecca Richards-Kortum, Ph.D.
Low-Cost, High-Performance Optical Technologies to Meet Global Health Needs
October 10, 2013

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About Dr. Oseroff

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From Benchtop to Bedside

BLI technologies featured in SPIE award-winning video.

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  • Easy-to-use software tools with graphical-user-interfaces to simulate the propagation and distribution of optical radiation in cells and tissues

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Video walkthroughs of the GUI applicationNew

Time-resolved fluence resulting from a point source impinging on a tissue with an embedded spherical heterogeneity with radius 2mm centered 5mm below source. Optical properties of surrounding tissue determined using Spectral Panel of the VTS GUI assuming post-menopausal breast tissue at 450nm and 5x absorption and 1.5x scattering in heterogeneity - generated using the Monte Carlo Command Line Application.

Supported by LAMMP, an NIBIB Biotechnology Resource Center at the Beckman Laser Institute.

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